Carlisle manager Pat Conrad has stepped down after barely a year in charge of the football club.

The coach announced his resignation via email to the coaching staff on December 3, reports say. The Sentinel claims that the resignation was after the end of the year banquet and that the letter was not officially received before the start of the weekend.

Conrad blamed his resignation on the club on the club management’s “lack of support.” Reports say the letter cited a lack of weight room – a project that was scheduled for the summer but delayed several times.

The high school football club coach also disclosed his struggles with being a teacher in Red Lion in York County as the club could not hire him in a suitable role before the school year. Conrad mentioned a “lack of support of the academic focus” as part of the issues he had.

After the 2015 season the team’s roster is expected to replicate such heights in the new year but this would serve as a set back. Eric Harris and Nate Barnes broke the school records and many more of such feats were expected. The Herd suffered a little in offense, starting with three successive wins before dropping six straight to score 19 points in three games.

Carlisle is expected to hire a new manager to fill the vacancy but would struggle to get the best hands. Conrad’s resignation is the second in 10 months. Josh Oswalt left after six years in charge, complaining of the same lack of support. The school’s management would have to resolve most of the complains of previous managers and promise to do more to get a shot at hiring a decent hand.