Carlisle United has been going through a series of changes not only in the squad but in the managerial staff as well with the head coach Graham Kavanagh deciding to release Davie Irons from his assistant coach role he had in the club.

The English club sustained a disastrous previous season which concluded with the team of Kavanagh getting relegated and will have to battle in the League Two when the next season kicks-off. Greg Fleming, Jack Lynch, Lewis Guy, Nacho Novo, Pascal Chimbonda, Chris Chantler, Prince Buaben, Liam Noble, Lee Miller, Mike Edwards and Danny Livesey are all the players that have been released from the club so far.

The boss of Carlisle United, Graham Kavanagh has already stated that he wants to make a different and new kind of approach when playing in the next season and this is one of the main reasons on why so many changes are being done.

Kavanagh defended his actions as he told reporters: “I had to make a change for numerous reasons. It was nothing that Davie had done wrong; I just wanted to take a different approach. I explained that to him today and even though it was difficult he took it with incredible grace and honor. It was difficult for him and for me. I felt incredible sadness. I’ve made changes across the board on the playing side, tough decisions need to be made and I have made the toughest one here. I’ve got a bigger support staff now around the football club, but as the season goes on there becomes more of a load. That’s when you need to be in two places at once which isn’t possible, and that’s when you lean on your right-hand man.”

After Davie Irons was released from the club, it was announced that Tony Caig would be the new first-team coach and goalkeeping specialist along with Kavanagh. With all of these changes Kavanagh is expecting to see his squad perform better than their previous season performances and earn a promotion spot back into the League One.