The top brass of Carlisle United stresses that the club intends to keep its association with Keith Curle intact for a long time.

Curle while appearing on a radio programme last week had hinted that he might decide to take an exit from Brunton Park if he feels that he and the club are not working with the same ambition.

It’s believed that the hierarchy is reluctant to back the coach with enough funds for the signings that he has in his mind and that’s why he is unhappy.

But, as per the CEO of Carlisle, Carlisle is a club which does not believe in roping in new coaches every season because it does not help. Any club which tends to make too many changes in the coaching department frequently is bound to suffer.

As far as the hierarchy is concerned, everybody in the hierarchy is of the view that the team has been growing really well under Curle and thus he is the one who should take this team forward and there is no lack of communication with Curle in that regard.

Recently, there was a meeting in which Curle was given the assurance by the hierarchy that he would be provided all the financial assistance that he requires to strengthen the squad during the transfer window.

So, contrary to the rumours, there is no dispute between the hierarchy and the coach on anything. Yes, Curle has not been offered an extension yet, but, the club’s been thinking on that line and the two parties would soon sit across the table to work that out. There have actually been a couple of casual discussions, but, proper talks are yet to be held.

The current deal binds Curle to Carlisle till the summer of 2018.