Luke Brattan decided to leave Brisbane Roar for a number of reasons, including not being paid as the central midfielder is owed money by the financially troubled Australian club but the biggest motive on Brattan’s decision to exit was because he wants to join a European outfit and actually get paid for his services.

The English Championship club Brighton & Hove Albion is one of the clubs which has been most consistently linked with Luke Brattan and a move might happen as this is what Brattan wants to happen.

Brattan hasn’t had any luck with his country Australia as he did not get any playing time in any of Australia’s latest World Cup qualifiers against Bangladesh and Tajikistan but even though he failed to get into the pitch for these games, his country mate Tim Cahill praised Luke Brattan.

Tim Cahill lauded Luke Brattan as the veteran player said: “I know for a fact that he has got it. This is a player who has got a style of control and passing similar to Bresh Bresciano. You guys might think that’s a big comment, but I think give it some time and this kid will be making some noises I really take a vested interest in these kids, the decisions they make, the way they train and are professionally.”

Even though the future of Luke Brattan appears to be slightly out in the air and undecided, Tim Cahill is certain that Brattan will be fine with whichever decision he makes and with whatever club he joins as Cahill added on and said: “Brats is going to be more than fine,” he said. “I have had a few conversations with him. A lot of these footballers that I trin with and talk to, the main thing is their professionalism. I know he will be more than fine with the next decision he makes. He will be sought after’’

A European move is what Luke Brattan has set his sights on and he is not certain if a transfer to a European club will indeed occur but he still wants to at least try to do it which is one of the bigger reasons of why he decided to depart Brisbane Roar as well as his unpaid wages.