The Carlisle United assistant manager Graham Kavanagh has said that the team cannot be carrying on defending in a very poor manner. It has been a tough few weeks for Carlisle United. They are currently 14th in the table after having lost in the recent match against Bournemouth 4-2. Even though it was one of the exciting matches of the weekend, Graham Kavanagh was clearly not satisfied with the performance of the players in the defensive side because they had obviously lost the match. Further, he criticised the way in which the goals were conceded. Graham Kavanagh argued that the goals scored by Bournemouth were extremely soft and could have been prevented easily.

As a result of this defeat, Carlisle United remain in the mid-table positions. Even though they are still capable of catching the play-off position if they put together a run over the next few weeks, Graham Kavanagh insists that they can do so only by improving the defending. Carlisle United have not kept a clean sheet in the last five matches, while they have also considered more than three goals in two of the matches. This bad defensive record has been the major factor in keeping them in the mid-table position according to Graham Kavanagh.

“At the moment we probably don’t have a choice. I don’t know where we are exactly financially but if you ask any coach or manager if they would like to improve their squad, the answer would be yes. That will be something we will discuss early in the week. Whether it happens or not I don’t know. If not we will continue to work tirelessly to make us better,” said Kavanagh after the match. The Carlisle United manager Greg Abbott was not available for comments after the match as he was too disappointed.