Mark Gillespie signs a contract extension with Carlisle United

The 23 year old shot-stopper Mark Gillespie has been playing with Carlisle United since February of 2010 but it wasn’t until the season of 2012-13 when the English player started making regular appearances for Carlisle United and he has now turned into one of the most influential players in the pitch for the English League Two.

This new contract that Mark Gillespie penned with Carlisle United will see the shot-stopper staying with the club for at least one more year and the captain of the club, Danny Grainger believes that by keeping hold of Mark Gillespie for another year is the best decision that the club has done so far in this summer.

Danny Grainger praised Gillespie as the captain of Carlisle United said: “Keeping Mark Gillespie was, for me, the best bit of business the manager has done so far. If Mark can have a full season where he’s fit, he is a fantastic talent and the sky is the limit for him.”

Mark Gillespie has gone from being an unused substitute during an entire season to playing almost every single match of a season. It’s a big step up for the 23 year old player who still has his entire career ahead of him.

Injuries have been a problem for Gillespie as he has had to miss out from a number of matches but Keith Curle is hoping that his injuries struggles won’t continue to hamper the amount of performances that the young player makes from now on forward. Continue reading Mark Gillespie signs a contract extension with Carlisle United

Keith Curle says that he is happy with the way the players

Carlisle United manager Keith Curle says that he is happy with the way the players have responded to the extra training in order to improve fitness. After becoming the manager in September 2014,Curle has been able to get the club clear of relegation zone in the last few weeks.

This is after a string of good results with victories against Northampton and Cheltenham Town. One of the reasons for this improved performance has been the players training much harder than before according toCurle. He says that his plans to step up the intensity in the training could have gone horribly wrong had it not been for the response from the players.

The fact that they have been able to keep up their fitness levels at this stage of the season is a testament to the hard work done by the players according to the manager. He says that these fitness levels are finally starting to show its results. It is now looking almost certain that Carlisle will be able to avoid relegation quite comfortably. This was certainly not the case in the early part of the campaign. Curle has even cited the example of a couple of players as the examples of hard-working training. The club take on Oxford United away from home in the next league match. Continue reading Keith Curle says that he is happy with the way the players

Keith Curle expects huge changes in January Transfer

Carlisle United manager Keith Curle says that he expects the club to be busy in the transfer window over the next few days. Carlisle United have been struggling with the threat of relegation throughout the season.

Rather than criticise the players, the fans have been turning up against the board and the directors. They believe that the lack of effort from the board is one of the reasons for the club slowly slipping down the table. If the lack of results continues, the club could be facing the possibility of going out of the league entirely.

Curle has given something to cheer for the supporters by announcing that he expects the club to bring in a few names over the next few days. The January transfer window recently opened and even though the club has had some positive results in this month, they could certainly do with strengthening across the pitch. Continue reading Keith Curle expects huge changes in January Transfer

Clubs getting ready for January Transfer

With the January transfer window edging closer and closer, clubs from around the world are getting ready by planning what they are going to do once the transfer window re-opens by setting their eyes on which players would be a better option to sign while which one can leave the club.

Carlisle United has entered the relegation zone in the English League Two and the coach, Keith Curle revealed that he will not be shy or hesitate in telling the future of his players even though their future is not with Carlisle United as they will likely be sold and used to create enough funds and space in order to sign the desired winter targets.

“Things need to change, attitudes need to change. This is a fantastic football club, a nice football club. Unfortunately some horrible decisions are going to have to be made.Stern talking and honesty is going to have to get spoken to lots of people.A lot of it starts with me. I have to be the bad guy, the honest guy, the bearer of bad news, but also the motivator’’

“It’s not nice to tell people they’re not needed here because in my opinion they’re not on board and not doing well enough.But it’s part of my job. I enjoy being honest with people and it’s why I was brought to the club.” Carlisle United’s Keith Curle said.

Keith Curle continued on saying that the current state and condition of Carlisle United is due to a string of bad decisions that has been made in the club for a number of years but that he will attempt to change things around himself however, this is something that takes time and won’t be completed overnight.