It’s already been one month since the 19 years old defender Hayden White completed his loan deal from Bolton Wanderers to Carlisle United on a temporary loan deal which only lasts one month but the League Two club is attempting to extend the contract of the young defender.

The managing director of Carlisle United is one of the main figures that are trying to talk and convince Bolton Wanderers on allowing the young defender of remaining with at Brunton Park for prolonged period of time.

On November there will be a meeting held concerning the proposal of artificial pitches in the Football League One and Two and the authorities of Carlisle United have already announced that they are in favor of allowing league matches to be played on artificial pitches.

A United spokesman said: “The club has indicated that it will vote to allow the introduction of artificial pitches in Leagues One and Two at the EGM in November.

“Obviously factors such as cost, funding and maintenance need to be investigated but there is a case for allowing this approach to be taken, particularly when you look at the current costs associated with natural grass surfaces and the progression in quality we have seen with artificial surfaces in recent years.

“The introduction of artificial surfaces could help to reduce the number of weather associated postponements and would allow the club to open up a wide range of opportunities for the local community, helping to bring the club and its fans closer together.”

Clubs from the Football League One and Two will be allowed to take their own votes in November. It has already been unveiled that around 29 of the 46 members that will be taking part in the voting process have stated that they are intending of supporting this proposal.